La Linea mencia


Vintage 2020. ABV. 13.5%

Fresh, bright fruit

Lenswood, Adelaide Hills

New, exciting variety to Australia. (origin Spain). Bright and juicy red berries. Delicious tannins


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La Linea mencia

Adelaide Hills.

A fresh, bright, crunchy style. Aromas of red cherry, hints of pepper and damson plums; flavours wrapped around a
tannin/acid backbone which is quite unique. And delicious.

Mencia is a red grape with its home in north-western Spain, in the regions of Bierzo, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras.
Here it has traditionally been made into light, relatively fragrant red for early consumption. In recent years, more concentrated and complex wines have resulted from some winemakers’ new interpretation of the variety.
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Our Mencia is the only block in the Hills, as far as we know. It’s on one of the most scenic sections of the beautiful Revenir vineyard at Lenswood: clay loam running across the crest of a hill at approximately 500 m above sea level, with
great views (and exposure to ‘weather’…) to the south-west. The soil is shallow, which ensures moderate vigour vines. Mencia likes it here: it grows with attractive bright green foliage, and has demonstrated a capacity to develop large
bunches of evenly-coloured, medium-large round berries