Paxton Queen Of The Hive


Vintage 2020.  ABV.  14%.  Total SO2  77 PPM

shiraz, tempranillo, grenache, mataro. Red Blend

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Paxton Queen Of The Hive

Red Blend

This is a modern Vale red that blends Shiraz, Tempranillo & Grenache. Provides harmonious, medium bodied, soft and juicy mouth feel with hints of cinnamon, plum & cherries finished with silky elegant tannins.

The Queen of the Hive produces the bees that have a vital role in maintaining natural balance & eco-health in our world.  Bees keep plants & crops alive through pollination & without bees, humans would struggle to survive.  Bees only survive & thrive in chemical free environments. Our certified biodynamic, estate vineyards in McLaren Vale are home to so many bee hives & their powerful, tireless Queens