Nautilus Estate chardonnay


Nautilus Estate chardonnay

2017     ABV.  13.5%

The 2017 Nautilus Chardonnay is straw coloured with a lifted aroma showing citrus and white peach along with more complex nutty aromas and a hint of butterscotch from natural ferments. The palate has good depth and concentration with a refreshing long finish. This wine has a tight mineral structure in its youth and will develop a creamy texture as it matures.

Marlborough N.Z.

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Nautilus Estate chardonnay


Great winery facilities mean that we can pick our grapes when they are ripe. We have a great deal of control over things like the amount of extraction (the colour and flavour) we get out of the grape skins.

The Nautilus Shell
The mathematically perfect spiral of the Nautilus shell has been admired since  ancient Greek times. This shape is found throughout nature: in the growth of seeds on a sunflower head, in the air movement of a cyclone, or in the spiral through which a hawk flies towards its prey.
This natural balance and proportion is something we seek to express in our wines.